My Top 5 songs on rotation on my workout playlist

So if you follow my blog, you know that I change my playlist before EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT. I find music so powerful and motivating that I simply cannot work out with out it.


Even thought he majority of the tracks change each day, there are always a few that are current favorites (even if the track in question isn’t necessarily current), So here are my top 5 always included tracks for this week.

1. I’m an Albatraoz – AronChupa

I just love the beat and the cheeky lyrics. Gets me squatting faster every time!

2. Schoneberg – Marmion

It’s old school, it’s fast and it brings back so many memories!

3. Let it Go – Frozen – Papercha$er Remix

What’s not to love! Power ballad with a beat and it’s Disney. Winning all around!

4. When I Rock – Elektrochemie LK

What can I say, The minute this comes on I feel like I could take on the world.

5. Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey Remix – David Guetta

I love love love Nancy’s original of this but its way to slow for the gym, so this remix is awesome cause I can sing along and also work my ass off!

What’s the most played tracks on your workout list?


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